Pistachio with pistachio cream cake

Difficulty: Low
Ingredients for: 8 people

• 100 gr. of Gustibus pistachio flour

• 80 gr. with 00 type flour

• 80 gr. potato starch

• 150 gr. of butter

• 4 eggs

• 180 tbsp. granulated sugar

• Yeast

• Salt


Put the sugar and Gustibus pistachio flour in the mixer. In a separate bowl beat the 4 eggs, then add them in the mixer and blend for about one minute. Add the butter cut into small pieces, the flour and the starch, blending again for a minute.

Add the yeast and salt, mixing.

Bake at 180 C for about 35 minutes.

When cold, add the Gustibus pistachio cream as stuffing or garnish.